Ambassador Gern’s Report

The Szechuan smell of garlic and peppercorns, the fiery red flavour of chilli, balanced against an eruption of ginger and sesame – Gha’l Zhauo. Flame-tongued is the nearest translation.

Gentle Zhauo Kialu, nutty like bamboo shoots yet with the rich, cloying, sunlight-in-the-British-summer sweetness of mint.

A taste of fish, with a stuffing of what seemed to be pine-nuts and breadcrumbs – Lian Aipur.

Kebabs of what tasted like goat, or kangaroo. The touch of umami against your lips, the numbing acceptance of Thians – you become ready. Ready to feast. A flood of cholecystokinin to the stomach, and your tongue swells, ignoring the horror on the table before you. A moment of intricate silence.

The xenos have perfected the culinary arts – small wonder that the first explorers met the same fate that befell those on earlier adventures: Into the cooking pot!

And I must say, it tastes absolutely delicious.

This weekend’s image-prompt from Lauren Davis over on  io9 and I also used this weekend’s Sunday Scribblings prompt – silence


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