Substance K

The sky was set ablaze by a single point of light, a roasting oven filled with dry heat. His feet set down against something hard – rock, the gods be praised, solid underfoot.

A chorus-line of high-pitched harmonies, entwined, sinuous, screeching out for attention.

                Terrible trip. It felt like weeks, like months – the slow refilling of his hydraulic joints, a millennia of aches and pains. It felt like eternity, but that’s Substance K for you. K’ral and the gang must’ve left him to burn off these hallucinations…

                Just enjoy it.

Play with these toy cars and the squishy, screaming apes.

by John Brosio

Just a quick story for this weekend’s io9 writing prompt (the groovy image above.) I also squeezed it down to 100 words – a drabble – to qualify for Chuck Wendig’s latest Flash Fiction Challenge over on Terrible Minds.

Comments and criticism always welcome!

And, perfect timing, I just wrote a little thingy about under-represented monsters

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One thought on “Substance K

  1. arcangioli says:

    Substance K sounds awesome. Is there more coming? I love the illustration, painting.

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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