Maria’s Sanctuary: The Shadow Revolution

The air seemed to dance in the heat of the early morning, as dewdrops refracted the light into a haze of uncountable, miniature rainbows. Maria knew she was safe here – for the moment at least, it was only a matter of time before the General learned of his assassin’s change of heart, before another hit squad was dispatched.

Maria had her peace here on Mount Makiling – she could siphon power from the geothermal plant hidden on its slopes, could keep the ghosts of her brothers from the clutches of death.She was safe here.

The mountain leaned heavily, an unbalanced boulder looming above the rice-paddies at its foot. The village below had long been abandoned, the people evacuated by “humanitarian” fishermen – for a price, of course – its inhabitants now dispersed into refugee camps or sold as slaves across the Union.

Until the General noticed, and then she would need to run.


Some more of the background for the comic/graphic novel I’m writing: The Shadow Revolution: Maria’s Ghosts. This story features the eponymous heroine, Maria, on the run from the corrupt military junta she left behind her. Also, I’ve spoken to the artist and he’s agreed her boobs should be smaller…

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One thought on “Maria’s Sanctuary: The Shadow Revolution

  1. Way. Cool.

    Also, good call. There’s a disturbing epidemic of overlarge breasts in graphic novels.

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