An Assassin in Cebu City: The Shadow Revolution

The rain hammered down, a machine-gun staccato against rusting tin roofs, drowning out the sound of his approach.

It was always raining, the sweltering fist of the monsoon pounding down on the fortress that was once Cebu City.

The warrior-king had eluded him so far, but it was only a matter of time. They had taken Bogo this morning, diverting the Resistance to the North Wall.The General had been right – where the uncountable invaders had failed, one man could succeed.

Krowntail strode through the floodwaters, respirator wheezing, struggling against the humidity.

It was only a matter of time.

A little background information from a project I’m working on. The Shadow Revolution: Maria’s Ghosts is a comic/graphic novel set in  the aftermath of a cataclysmic, global war, unleashed in the the year 2050. Without giving too much away, there are sentient A.I.s (in android shells,) a corrupt military junta, the sycophantic remnants of the Catholic Church, severe sea-level rises, mysterious beings known only as the Malignos – a maelstrom of competing interests, all set in the Phillippines against a backdrop of chaotic destruction. Krowntail is an assassin in the employ of the Filipino military, who are engaged in a frantic, final orgy of destruction as the shadows of war swell above them.

The concept art (and the concept itself!) for the project (such as the image at right) was drawn by the indomitable Jai Navarro, an illustrator and clothing/stuff designer who launched

his own label, A Stigfish Clothing, a collaborative design house, with contributors from worlds as disparate as fashion design, art, writers, graffiti artists, industrial designers and musicians.

The actual art for the comic book will be drawn by *STILL A SECRET* , a Marvel Comics artist and fellow Stigfish collaborator.

And the writing, of course, will be by me!

I’ll keep you posted as to when it’ll be released…

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