The Voice in the Darkness

She whispered to me through the darkness, telling secrets I don’t want to hear, the outside crawling in, her voice is the guide through my nightmares.

I cannot patch the hole, cannot erase her from my frenzied, jagged dreamscape.


Seeking boredom, my windows are boarded, the doors all locked against gathering shadows.


The past is calling. Screaming into my sanctuary, sharpening the blades of revenge beyond my sight.


She’s dead.


The past is calling, cowled and unnerving, she begs for vengeance.


She’s dead. 


I scream it into the mirror, my face twisted in rage, desperate to silence her.


She’s dead.




Written for this week’s InMon prompts, I think I used all of them – Erase Her, Patch a Hole, Seeking Boredom, Outside In and The Past is Calling. Just a quick little Hallowe’en tale for all of you Americans…comments and criticism always welcome! 

Also – does anyone want me to send them a postcard?

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2 thoughts on “The Voice in the Darkness

  1. Sad and creepy! I love that “frenzied, jagged dreamscape.”

Comments and criticism always welcome!

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