Twisters 8

His Shining Moment

He was waiting for his moment, to see understanding in her eyes.

The sloppy kiss, the big finish.

He mistimed it, she walked the aisle.

The Storm – Tweet 1

Storm clouds slip free, great black dogs unchained to maul at the world.

The winds howl their challenge, a bark worse than their bite.

The Storm – Tweet 2

The jacaranda sheds its petals, a shower of lavender.

The storm bites exposed branches, scratching secret messages against my window.


From the impregnable fortifications of time she spoke in a whisper – a shadow, a hallucination, a memory.

He had almost forgotten her.


A quaquaversal explosion, the melting Universe expands – her pupils dilate, her heart rises in her chest.

It was good for her.

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