Twisters 7ish

Mt. Rushmore

Carved visages deface a sacred site, a culture destroyed.

Sioux warriors long forgotten, white Presidents resident.

A mountain renamed. #lqw


Djinn in a Bottle

My desideratum long forgotten, each wish gone astray – the djinn a trickster-god, deceitful.

A final wish, unspoken, ungranted.



Carpets and Drapes

The xanthous bride walked the aisle, her hair colour indeterminate beneath her ivory veil.

She dyed it so often I couldn’t remember…




Crepuscular creatures, flitting on the shallow light of dawn.

I yowl, calling out for freedom.

“SHUT UP, F***IN CAT!” is their reply



Bubble Pop
They called it Bubble Pop, the false advertising promise of eternal youth.
We got the change we were asking for, but only in coins.
Silent Death
The gecko crawls, a silent Death in the night.
His quarry trembles beneath the electric lights, an artificial moon misguiding.
A slow pirouette, the end to her waltz with the stars –
a long cabré, with gravity’s rainbow eclipsed, only an instant, too brief.
Monkey Boy
I imagine that the first ape/
believed that tails were great/
his ecaudate form/
wasn’t the norm/
and he had trouble finding a mate
The Linguist’s Lament
He smiled when asked his profession, armed with his lil joke.
Haplology, which isn’t the study of happiness.
Not in this day and age!”
The Ambassador
His proboscis swelled, slowly palpitating as he consumed her fluids.
I shuddered inside, not wanting to offend the ambassador.
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