I Only Have Eyes for Her

They called me a genius, a creator, a madman. Each new day saw the next chapter of invention, the birth of something new. The crowds would flock to my windows, the streets flooded with the press of humanity, desperate to see, to look, to observe. The world has changed, and each plastic doll was a revelation, stretching my artistry to new horizons. Clockwork gave way to electronics and electronics gave birth to three dimensional printing, to the Democratisation of Design! Stuttering needles, jaggedly dancing above the chamber, the semi-viscous pools of resin, dully reflective.

The printing of hollow chambers was one of my inventions, a plastic capillary system printed inside a resinous scaffolding, a million worldwide real-life applications, an inventor’s dream. There was only one industry that embraced it, even through the recession. The pornographers.  Sex dolls. Every fetishist worth his semen wanted one, but they all had to be different. Custom made means custom priced. Bespoke sex toys. The price of resin went through the roof. I needed to find  more efficient methods, the bankers said. I needed to ship more units, the merchants growled. It didn’t take them long to back-engineer my designs, didn’t take them long to flood the market with cheap knockoffs.

I needed something different, something new. It wasn’t long before the freak-fuckers crashed the servers on my website again. Each new design stoking the fires of their arousal, each of them demanding I make their dreams a reality.

They will never compare to my latest creation, though.

I only have eyes for her.


Huh, weird story that one turned out to be. I was originally going to write about William Burke, William Hare and Dr Knox, somehow put into a future where it is cheaper to harvest the organs of the poor rather than paying designers to create something novel. But this popped out…and I may still write that Burke and Hare story, they were certainly creepy dudes, if they did what they were accused (and found guilty) of. Comments  and criticism always welcomed, often replied to…

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4 thoughts on “I Only Have Eyes for Her

  1. redplace says:

    Love it (especially the picture) 🙂

  2. Thanks redplace, the Burke and Hare story was better…but I lost the scrap of paper.

  3. Heidi White says:

    Are you talking about the one from the bedroom? It’s there.

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