Twisters 5

The sky weighed heavy on his shoulders, fuliginous & viscid, boiling above.

The city closed around him, surrounded.


 #aLtwiculate #lqw

They palavered on, without heed to the other.

The air grew thin, until they reached unconscious nirvana.

A conversation in an airlock.


He sees her still, skipping through shadows – she is gone.

He sees her still, as stars too die, the welkin extinguished along with her.


Into her memories she wades, aerobic tumbles, ribald flirtations.

Her age weighs heavy as she sighs “It’s not something I’ll forget”


A derisive snort expressed her contempt, a visceral twist of steel spoke mine.

She sleeps now, above the heath.

#aLtwic #lqw

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