The Ship’s Computer – VoiceWeek Part 5

Vector approach 764102 —–> 723499: transmission received.

Nobody ever wondered what the ship’s computer thought about all this to and fro, the constant back and forth, shuttling desperate men and women to the vast pleasure-domes that littered the planet’s surface.

Destination acquired. Approach. Docking Manoeuvres, follow signal 987 until deviation request.

Its outbound transmissions revealed nothing, mainly because the people on board only asked specific questions, about arrival times and length-of-travel. No-one really wanted to know. The computer sighed, if computers could be said to sigh, and slowly adjusted its inbound trajectory. Shuttling between Holinx and Earth. There and back again.

Preparing for docking.

This post is the second in a series of five, written in honour of VoiceWeekBeKindReWrite’s yearly experiment in the art of writing in different voices, an opportunity to write the same story from five different viewpoints – in Steph’s own words:

Voice Week is an experimental writing challenge to help us stretch our versatility in voice and tone. Each Voice Week participant writes five versions of the same story – from five different points of view. Then,October 1 through 5, we post, compare, sharpen, and grow.

Go ahead and check out some of the other writers, and remember, it’s not too late to join in!

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10 thoughts on “The Ship’s Computer – VoiceWeek Part 5

  1. Nice choice for your final segment. I liked the rather sardonic line, “The computer sighed, if computers could be said to sigh…”

    Nice work. 😀

  2. I love it! Had a bit of a Douglas Adams feel, there, but sadder. Great cap for the week. : )

    • Exactly where I got the inspiration for that line from – why is it that most artificial intelligences come across as being chirpy? We’re reasonably bright and spend most of our time obsessing over how horrible existence is…

  3. […] the rest: The Ship’s Computer – VoiceWeek Part 5 « chriswhitewrites. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  4. Parul says:

    So artificial intelligence does evolve enough to be bored of a monotonous job like humans! I like it! Good work!

  5. elmowrites says:

    ha. I bet out of all of them, the computer has the least to lose – maybe it should just mess up that landing once and for all! Intriguing collection of stories, Chris – you have given us a whole world amongst them.

  6. Carrie says:

    Poor lonely computer….perhaps he is a relative of Hal ;). Beware humans, he might go crazy with the monotony!

  7. KP says:

    Catching up with the last three in one sitting! Oh, what the future holds! A peek into the mind of the creep – only he cares, his Dom doesn’t. But the onboard computer keeps slogging away, trip after trip. But was it aware if the innuendo in the transmissions, or is it just me?

    Well done Chris – I enjoyed this!

  8. I liked how you made this work Chris. The different passengers with different hopes, wants, needs really came through in all the pieces. The sad spaceship really was like icing.

  9. I really felt like it was the only way to end the story – all those human voices, not a single artificial intelligence! That’s no way to write about the future!

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