Twisters 3



Some more Twisters for you guys, to tide you over while I’m working on some longer stories…if any of these tickle your fancy, go and cast your eyes over Twisters, Twisters 2 and Twisters 2.0 (if you haven’t read them already)


She held her memories close, wrapped between wrinkled fingers.

Each day they melted away, mercurial heirlooms fading into dementia.

The sun surrenders slate-edged skies, withdrawn, a brief halo.

The threat of flint raindrops, jarringly cold.

We wait for summer, born anew.

The barometer approaches its terraqueous zenith, the suggestion of rain above the sand.

The sky opens, desert flowers bloom.

(Yes, we’ve been waiting a while for rain)

A balanoid lump in her breast, a reminder of mortality.

Of death and decay.

She withdrew her hand, seeking solace in the drink.

He begrimed himself – the homeless are invisible.

They wouldn’t look beyond the dust of the streets and his desilvered hair


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