Twisters 2.0


I’ve gotta keep posting these here, for those of you not in the know, Twisters are Twitter-length flash fiction (only 140 characters.) Everyday there are dozens of us logophilic Tweeters playing along with word games like #artwiculate, #aLtwiculate or #15tt – the challenge here is not only to include the game’s word of the day but to also include the # to let everyone know you’re playing. Here are a few of my Twisters from the last few days:

He seemed so quotidian, so predictable. Once a month he stalks the streets, silent in the night. The weregiraffe has no vocal cords. #liblit

The #liblit tag is slightly more challenging, with two aspects having to come into your tweets, this one in particular was to use the word quotidian as well as to include a ‘were-‘ creature.

Footsteps. Scraping rough through the detrius at the foot of the katabothron. My torch flares. A man cannot fight the darkness. #aLtwiculate

The #aLtwiculate word here was katabothron. I’m not joking. This was the story about why I have writer’s block. The are two reasons. New computer and MINECRAFT.

He felt the change weigh on the world, could smell it in the musk of this monstrosity he had created. Its hunger would soon be sated. #15tt

His eyes are closed, bedecked with the mist of self-imposed ignorance, benighted and avoiding the telescopic gaze of his forebearers. #liblit

He gasped, taken aback by unexpected profundity. His eyes meander again. over the page. It was indeed the question… #artwiculate

And one more…let’s see…

Her nuncupation came staggering from her lips as she performed her daily ablutions. “Not clean enough, still not clean enough. #aLtwiculate

There. The prompt words for those four were: sated, benighted with telescope, profundity and nuncupation. And here’s the link to The OED in case you don’t recognise any of those words…back to staring at a blank piece of paper for me, then. See you soon!

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