The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I hear her soft footsteps in the hall, an innocent attempt at silence – to walk softly you need to move quickly, make the sound of your footsteps blend in with the creaking and the sighs of the house. Softly, yes. Where you put your feet next should be your only decision. Never think about stepping softly – move softly.

She’s acting like she knows where I am. Like she knows I’m waiting here. She can hear the murmur of my heart, can hear my heavy breath. Shafts of light strike through the peek holes in the wardrobe door. She’s coming into the bedroom. She knows.

She stares into the room, across the cavernous expanse of soft white. Studies the carpet as though looking for my trace. She steps past me into the room, a question forming on her lips.

The wardrobe door slides open at my fingertips, I hear the sharp intake of breath, a quiet scream well stifled. See the smile on the edge of her lips as I reach down for her.

“Here comes the Tickle Monster!”

Happy Father’s Day to my fellow Aussie dads, how’s it going? In Australia we celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Day on different days to you Seppos and Poms (more Australian Slang for you foreigners (also, not sure when England celebrates Father/Mother’s Day…)) This story is dedicated to both my little girls, and I’m sorry it started out so creepy, it just seemed the right way to disguise the story. The prompt for this came from Steph at BeKindRewrite after I wrote 3256 words using her InMon prompts…she told me I had to write another (pretty much, anyway) so Steph, I managed to use Heart Murmur. I should have tried to squeeze in more, maybe next time! Oh, and I had to throw in that link to the Tickle Monster. Just in case some people had no idea what was going on…

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3 thoughts on “The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. Oh. That got me all choked up.

  2. So sweet. It didn’t actually feel too creepy, even in the beginning. Or maybe I’m just reading so much good stuff I now always expect a twist at the end?

    Happy Father’s Day to you! It’s Labor Day over here. Three-day weekend for the win!!!

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