Twisters 2

Another quick round-up of Twisters (short stories of less than 140 characters) I have written this week, for those of you not on the Twitters…

Most of this week’s come from #artwiculate or #altwiculate, two word-of-the-day style streams where obscure words (and sometimes incorrect definitions) are bandied around the Interwebs. All my definitions come from
Wikitionary , just because I love free dictionaries. Enjoy, comments and criticism always welcome!

A small flag used for marking positions, especially by soldiers and surveyors.

He wrote little messages on scraps of paper, like fanion flags, confessing his love unmentionable. The teacher and his young Delilah.

1) The state of being synchronous or simultaneous.
2) (Jungian psychology) Coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related; supposedly the result of “universal forces”.

Her, again. With sideways elegance through closing subway doors. “Hi.” I whispered, too quiet. Synchronicity ain’t easy to fake.

1) Rule by merit, and talent. By extension, now often used to describe a type of society where wealth, income, and social status are assigned through competition.

They claimed a meritocracy, not aristocracy. It just so happened that those most deserving were their sons. Nepotism, despotism.

1) Wikitionary doesn’t believe this word exists, but apparently it means a type of leather prepared for boots.

Too long in the sun, her skin like faded zug, keeping her dry beneath the slate coloured sky & winter rains. Impermeable, protected.

1) The highest extent or degree of something.
2) (grammar) The form of an adjective that expresses which of more than two items has the highest degree of the quality expressed by the adjective; in English, formed by appending “-est” to the end of the adjective (for some short adjectives only) or putting “most” before it.
The superlative of “big” is “biggest”
3) (informal) An adjective used to praise something exceptional.
Lincoln is amazing, wonderful, fantastic, and many other superlatives I can’t think of right now!

The loneliest man alive. It was a superlative, and one he could never prove. But he knew he was just an extra. Nobody’s hero.

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