I should’ve listened to my instincts.

He didn’t seem like such a weirdo before.

I should have listened to my instincts, as they screamed out their warning through my synapses, as they set my nerves jangling, on-edge.

I caught a whiff of danger, an edge on his breath, something not-quite-right about him.

I’ve always liked the rough-edged rouge, always preferred a bit of trouble to my men.

He drove – I’d had too much to drink as usual.

He drove, and I sat barely conscious in the front seat – I didn’t realise how long it had been.

The sheep’s skull should have been a warning too blatant to ignore.

I managed to run, too late.

The cold caress of morning fog has set in…I’m sure that this is the sheep’s skull that was guarding the driveway.

I hope this is that skull…

Somebody help me.

Just a quick 100(ish) words for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers, I’m a bit sick this week, so I just kind of hammered this story out without thinking too much about it. *must try to keep writing* Comments and criticisms still welcome, however…

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17 thoughts on “RUN RUN RUN, RUN RUN AWAY

  1. dmmacilroy says:

    When I think of you writing while sick I am reminded of Harry Nilsson’s song and so I sent it along to provide you with some relief.

    Your story reflects your fever dream well. Help is on the way.



  2. You suggest that the skull’s power varies—a nice idea! Scary piece. Feel better soon.

  3. BetaRules says:

    nice blend of nightmare and reality.

  4. Sandra says:

    Very scary, drunk and in danger from something truly evil. Well done.

  5. Now that’s a scary story!!

    Get well soon.

  6. Anne Orchard says:

    A really good job of keeping the tension going. Makes it hard to breathe! I think you need to change ‘rough-edged rouge’ to rogue, thinking that’s a typo?

  7. Scary story. I’m running too. Nice take considering you’re not feeling well. Divine healing on your way.

  8. rochellewisoff says:

    You really captured the tension, fear and desolation. What else does one do when ill? Chicken soup and keyboard (careful not to spill).

  9. Truly scary; would have wished to know just what he did to her or intended doing to her. Mine is here and linked:

  10. vbholmes says:

    Good portrayal of her impaired thinking–right down to her muddled confusion at the end.

  11. Good job of a scary topic. This is the kind of guy and situation we try to warn our daughters to avoid!! Get well soon.

  12. billgncs says:

    good one, not sure if you wanted rouge or rogue

  13. jackkholt says:

    Nice work, Chris. I enjoyed this. Get well soon!

  14. could only have been perfected with a picture of Tina Weymouth playing bass…

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