The Rattlesnake

“Don’t tread on me, I want to be free,” screamed Rattlesnake toward the Eagle. His voice – confused, yelling differing views, from each blade of his forked tongue. And raptors prey on serpents.


Just a quick short story/modern fable written for Trifecta Writing Challenge who asked us to write a modern (and unique) fable using only thirty-three words. Now, the way I remember fables from school is that they usually feature animal pro- and antagonists, often anthromophised, so that’s what I went with here. I also wanted to point out that I am an Australian, so US politics are only a sideshow to me (if only!) I do not agree with the Tea Party’s political positions (I am a socialist) as they are presented over here…but hey, politics, am I right? Comments and criticisms of the fiction (not of our (perhaps) opposing political views) are, as always, more than welcome – this is not a venue for political debate.

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6 thoughts on “The Rattlesnake

  1. Lumdog says:

    “Yelling…from each blade of his forked tongue” creates imagery that works well in this fable. Nicely written. Ironically, the snake on a yellow background, with the phrase “Don’t tread on me”, was one of the first American flags and is now being used by some Tea Party people!

  2. Lots of meaning in this one.

  3. Marie says:

    Loved how I heard in my head what it would sound like to speak with 2 blades of tongue…

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