What am I doing Today?

Well, I was just trawling the Interwebs and writing *ahem, yes, that’s what we’ll call it* when I wiggled my way over to BeKindRewrite, hoping that this week’s InMon prompts were up. They weren’t, but I did find some inspiration over that way, namely Steph’s latest post 23 Ways to be Productive Despite Writer’s Block.

So here are the three that I’ll be doing this afternoon –

16: Pick a minor character (even one you haven’t named) and write a short story about them.

17: Add scents to two of your scenes (the sweaty corn chip smell of a teenager’s bedroom, the sharp blend of bleach and urine in a public restroom, etc.).


22: Pick one character and give them a nervous quirk, like biting their nails or smoothing their mustache. Comb your manuscript for good places to add it in.

I am also guilty of over-using and disabusing adverbs, so I’ll probably have to try my hand at 2: Find creative ways to eliminate five adverbs (seach “ly” using the Find tool to find them).

Which of these suggestions will you turn your hand to? Have you got any other ideas as to what you do to defeat writer’s block while still working on your WIP? I know I usually just start something new instead… Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “What am I doing Today?

  1. Groovy, thanks for linking! The prompts are up now. : )

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