Crow Knows


Today I woke before the sun.

The world had been abandoned, as though everyone had left for somewhere else. For anywhere better than this.

The weight of the night sky pressed down on the wet grass. The cold air pressed down onto my chest, leaving me huddled and shivering on the couch as my coffee poured its heat into the morning.

Luna set, showing me the last of her face, the sky purple still as she disappeared.

Left alone, until I heard his voice.

The first of the dawn chorus, heralding the arrival of the washed-out winter sun.

“Good morning, Crow!”


A very brief (100 words) story for Madison Woods over at Friday Fictioneers I tried to not write Sci-fi this time…even though I love it.

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5 thoughts on “Crow Knows

  1. Very effective description of the morning, waiting and wondering what the day will bring, yet to reveal its intention. The warmth of the coffee a good sign. Nice work.

  2. That third paragraph is magic. especially the coffee part/

  3. The sense of the world being abandoned was very affecting, and I feel a similar kinship with my coffee!

  4. Short days and long nights…the sun sometimes isn’t the only thing washed out in winter. Some really wonderful descriptions here and made me think of insomnia.

    I’m here:

  5. rochellewisoff says:

    Just happened by this morning, Glad I did. Very descriptive.

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