Kafka’s The Trial (in 33 words)

Arrested, for a crime unannounced – Joseph K is allowed to go about his business.

He is watched, questions are asked.

A case is formed, a trial shrouded, hidden beneath secrecy and impenetrable bureaucracy.

Just something I wrote quickly for ‘s impossible weekend prompt to retell your favourite novel in 33 words. “Why is it impossible?” I hear you muttering into your screens. My only answer is another question: “How do you choose your favourite novel?” Is mine Keep the Aspidistra Flying? Or is it The Age of Reason? Or the novelisation of Back to the Future (surprisingly well written)?

I cannot do justice to this fantastically written novel in 33 words, it starts off so frustratingly slowly – the reader grows impatient, until you realise that this is entirely the point. No writer has ever made his prose so accurately affect the reader and force him/her into feeling EXACTLY what the character feels. Go, buy it, read it. It really is one of the greatest novels of all time.

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One thought on “Kafka’s The Trial (in 33 words)

  1. Your words make me want to know more. Another to add to the list. Thanks for linking up. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the special 33rd challenge. It’s going to be fun!

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