This isn’t your usual bedtime tale, it’s more of an outside story, in truth. Best told out under the stars, somewhere that they can’t be hiding inside the walls. Trust this only: even in the dark they don’t know they’re blind. They see in a different wavelength to us, they see vibrations, they see in another dimension. Can somehow see the bubbling of a pot of tea, Martian, Lunar or Terran – but they cannot feel the light steps of the unsuited. They can somehow sense the near silent, hissing breath of a compressor suit indoors, but not the mechanical stamping of an exo.

There was a herd of them on the Tony Abbott. A herd, though the name doesn’t quite live up to the vicious cunning they possess, manifested in the ship’s computer, crippling its brain. Deliberately, it seems, they oppose themselves to life, to our mythical sciences – to them, just unnoticed mysteries. A pack, perhaps – or whatever the collective noun is for a group of hyper-dimensional predators. A squadron seems more appropriate, that all-conquering assault of fear at their droning approach. I’ve seen them, seen the faint sparkle on the edge of your vision before the wall erupts like star-birth, as the inescapable vacuum of space swells inside a pressure-sealed corridor. I’ve seen men wild with terror throw their children into the lion’s maw in their wake, hoping to distract the predator, ignorant to the fact that they always take the eldest first.

I ran, as a child, my father’s screams cut short behind me, whimpering to himself, begging to be spared. To be granted another few precious moments spent embracing his mortality. I found a suit, opened the airlock.

They are here, and they are hunting.

Which is why I am suited up, why I’m leaving.

Put your suit on. Get ready to run.

Written for Trifecta‘s prompt: Wild, as well as a bunch of InMon prompts from this week and last week (sorry Steph! I’ve been so busy rewriting and editing these last two weeks…) Steph’s prompts were Don’t know they’re blind, Trust this only, and Even in the dark from this week, as well as last week’s Mythical science, outside story, and Martian tea.

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12 thoughts on “Run

  1. Annabelle says:

    Intriguing! This sounds like the beginning of a much bigger story, one that I’d love to hear.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL the Tony Abbott

  3. Diane Turner says:

    Tension is great. Story is wonderful. I want to know more. So?

  4. Whatever it is that lurks out there seems even more than wild. Feral, frightening, rabid. There is some intense imagery in this piece.
    Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back for the new prompt tomorrow.

  5. Intriguing. Chilling. Tense.

  6. Whew! This is intense and compelling. I do indeed want more of the story.

  7. Aha. Outdoing us all with double-week prompts! Very skillfully done.

    Believe me, i understand how crazy life can get. I’m especially glad to hear you were writing (always a good excuse). ; )

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  9. I’m thinking about taking up Polyphasic Sleeping ( – I don’t ever seem to have enough time at hand…

  10. johnxero says:

    This is very cool, very weird. I like it a lot.

    For me, the first line is a little misleading, it feels much more planet-bound than the rest of it. Superb ending though. =)

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  12. KP says:

    Great tale brewing here … is there anywhere to run to?

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