The Lucky 7 Challenge

Lucky number 7, eh? My interfriend, Love the Bad Guy has issued me with a challenge: The Lucky 7 Challenge. Here’s what I have to do:

Find a current work-in-progress of yours. Go to the 7th or 77th page , then to the 7th line of that page, and from there, copy and paste approximately seven lines and share them!

So that seems straight forward enough! Without further ado, here are seven lines from my WIP The Gods, They Feast. On Men.

It sank into the turbulent white-water rapids racing through the gutter, into the froth cascading down into the too-small drain. Her hand flashed out, hailing the bus driver inching his way through the red miasma of brake lights, barely staying afloat on the slick river of bitumen. He pulled up onto the kerb and she got on before me, leaving behind a trail smelling of sweet tobacco, of burnt oranges and cinnamon.

Gods Feast is a non-linear work, so none of this gives away too much of the story…and it was so close to 77 words, too! Let me know what you think, guys…

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One thought on “The Lucky 7 Challenge

  1. Challenge Complete. 😉

    This is a brilliant snippet, Chris. The repeated water imagery (“White-water rapids”, “slick river”) is beautiful. This is really interesting work.

    Nicely done!

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