(Inter)National Flash Fiction Day

Ahoy there, denizens of the Internet! How goes it? In case you haven’t heard, I put out a call for submissions for a pamphlet we’re distributing for National Flash Fiction Day (May 16th.) While we were on the trawl for stories under a thousand words, we came across a couple of sites who are also doing something for the day (crowd-sourcing literature, welcome to the future!)

May I introduce you to Cake: Short and Sweet, a Manchester-based indie magazine who will not only be helping us distribute Photocopier Press in the UK but are also on the lookout for stories – they would like them to be longer than one thousand words, please. So, if your story is too long for us to publish in Photocopier Press go and check them out – get your work into the cafes of Manchester! The deadline for entries to Cake is on the 30th of this month, which is NEXT MONDAY, so shake your collective tail feathers and get on over there quick smart!

The other magazine coming out on National Flash Fiction Day that I’m talking up is Raging Aardvark Publications, who not only have an awesome name but are searching for high-quality super-short fiction (between 350 and 600 words) with a TWIST in the Tale…something all of us probably secretly love to write – I know I love writing a good twist into my stories.

Anyway, go forth and share the love!

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One thought on “(Inter)National Flash Fiction Day

  1. Annie says:

    grin.. yeah – I love the idea of an aardvark partying hard…..thanks for the shout out.. will have to do one of my own and link in all the awesome other comps out there.

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