The Spider

It caused a scandal when – eventually – she was found out. When the truth was unearthed, that truth, hidden deep within the catacombs beneath her apartment block. A modern day Fagan, turning loose her tribe into the streets in the night, no longer hidden in that twisted jungle of sewage pipes and electrical cables. Count the windows, count them – three per apartment, six homes in each, towering over the cul-de-sac. Count her victims.

She lay, alone with her stories, with her flickering, temporary escape. Her serenity from this reality she had spun for herself. She lay like a monstrous spider, entrenched in the centre of her web. They eventually found her children, plundering. They were stolen at night, chained until their spirits were broken and drafted to her cause.

They came for her, after the children answered the question, “Why?” Her life they unravelled in the tabloids as she tap-danced on the end of her piece of rope.

A short story written for Trifecta Writing challenge’s prompt Scandal. I also used BeKindReWrite‘s prompts Rapidly unraveling and count the windows, and 3WordWednesday‘s Draft, Locate and Serenity.

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12 thoughts on “The Spider

  1. oldegg says:

    Oh, what a tempter that makes us cry out for more. But we are not going to get it are we. Captivating!

  2. Very intriguing piece of work, Chris. Nicely done! 🙂

    One thing that my inner OCD grammar nerd noticed:
    In your first sentence, “when” should be outside the dashes. When a word or phrase is separated by dashes like that, the sentence that remains should still be coherent if you were to remove them. In this case, you almost don’t need them. It could be:
    “It caused a scandal when, eventually, she was found out.”

    Sorry to nit-pick! Rest assured, I still thoroughly enjoyed this dark and mysterious read. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree, I want to get a bit more of this story…

    Hope you can join us for the weekend prompt which is already up on the site. It’s community judging this weekend, so get your entry in and get voting!

  4. Sheilagh Lee says:

    an exceptional story

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  6. Creepy. Sad. Poetic.

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  8. KP says:

    Nicely dark!

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