Last Man Standing

It was her lips that had called to him first, her soft, full lips and those caring eyes.
He had long given up his search, had won her more by accident than design.
It wasn’t quite the same as he remembered, but at the same time he knew it would never get better.
They were all gone, there was no one left to judge him now.
He was the last human, and she shared at least 95% of his DNA anyway…

This story was inspired by an accidental Wiki-search, an epic two hour quest, randomly clicking on interesting sounding links. I ended up here. Oh, and I also used one of the InMon prompts: Never Better as well as an old SundayScribblings prompt: Search.

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6 thoughts on “Last Man Standing

  1. Joe Pineda says:

    Very character-driven in spite of the length. It’s always nice to hear a fictional person’s thoughts. Nice!

  2. I was puzzled for a moment, until I read your Author’s Note. Then I couldn’t help but laugh! Brilliant little piece — and oh, the wonders of Wikipedia. 😉

  3. This is amusing and incredibly disturbing at the same time. How do you manage to do so much with so little?

  4. Creepy. What a way to go at the end of the world.

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