Another retelling for Trifecta, this time Beowolf. I have also written a couple of longer stories based on myths, His Father’s Son, as well as this one: Bad Wrap Jack

I came to their rescue.
I knew there was no such thing as monsters – I took advantage of them, their naivety.
Said I slayed him, their murderous Grendel.
His mother was my pension.

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4 thoughts on “Beowolf

  1. That was an interesting movie. Not necessarily good… But interesting.

    Nice piece of writing, Chris. 🙂

    • Thank you, I always appreciate a compliment (especially from you!) Can’t say I’m a fan of the movie either, Hollywood seems to enjoy killing awesome myths, no doubt because they know the authors can’t call them out on it!

  2. Never saw the movie either, but I much prefer this retelling to the longer, original classic. 🙂 I love your final line here. Pension is perfect here.

  3. I LOVE BEOWULF. Old English version, of course.
    But reading Grendel was a hoot, too.
    So thanks for writing this.
    “pension” = awesome.
    And now I need to go re-read the whole thing….

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