Machine Art

I can see them staring down into the subterranean gallery, staring down onto my creation. I can see the Old Boys Club trying to summon forth some kind of meaning, some kind of intent from this, my tour de force. Trying to judge how many thousands of pounds went into each pipe and each rivet, as though there lay the intrinsic value of my art – trying to decipher some form of method in my madness. I see them mill and mingle, as though this grand unveiling was old hat, as though this show were some tired piece of repetition, was in any way like the incestuous ‘masterpieces’ of the Old World.

The light in the gallery is bright, too bright, casting a false sense of sanity onto the scene. Dazzling in its brilliance – distracting from the malaise infecting the crowd. Ah, to be so rich that even the truly novel is boring, to be forced to affect disaffection at every turn. I can see him talking now, the mandate of ownership casting a twinkle in his eye, see him flirt with striking a scowl across his jaw. I see him talking now, mouthing platitudes to his own patron, the doyen of the upper classes. He looks around, fearful of my unseen approach, waiting for a beast of a poisonous outburst, coming unbidden and unguarded against, tumbling from my lips.

“I’m afraid I’m not sure I like it, Roger, old boy. It seems such a heavy, ghastly thing,” Lord George gazed onto my creation, my modernist abomination cast both in bronze and in stone. “It’s almost a jolly disaster of a thing, really. Almost – but not quite – cut to the right size. To be dreadfully frank with you, my good fellow, I’m not quite sure it was worth all that money.”

We are standing beside my work as his words crash against my eardrums. My courage betrays me. The Doomsday device remains inactive.

Another Trifecta Writing Challenge inspired story. This week’s prompt is beast, the third definition as per usual: something formidably difficult to control or deal with. I also decided to use other Trifecta prompts, from before I discovered the site. These four prompts were: flirt, poisonous, betray and summon.

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8 thoughts on “Machine Art

  1. Tara R. says:

    This is an impressive way to catch up on the prompts. Great writing.

  2. booguloo says:

    I enjoyed the read.

  3. Carrie says:

    Good work on using the other prompts.

    Interesting tale. I’d love to see it developed.

  4. jesterqueen1 says:

    I love the twist that instead of losing his temper, the artist might instead destroy the world. I also really enjoyed the depiction of the incestuous old world paintings. It contributes to an image of the Old Boys’ club as somehow incestuous as well.

  5. trifecta says:

    Chris, you have done the work here. As I read along, I thought, “See? We’re using good words in our challenges, because people write about them all the time.” Oh. Thanks for the enormous catch up. As always, I loved it. See you back on Friday for the weekend challenge?

  6. Satu says:

    I’m always fighting my own battles with the word limit but I think it’s a great exercise. And it still works even though you deleted a lot. 🙂

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