Another Brick in the Wall


She tried to break my heart. Tried to break my heart by telling me it was over. Tried to reduce me to tears as she told me that I needed to change. For my own sake. That I needed to open myself up to the world, to let people in. She tried to reach out to me, to show me how much she cared. But I had rebuffed and parried her every attempt.

I had closed her out, chased her away. It wasn’t her. It was me. I needed to learn how to trust others, needed to love myself before I could truly love anyone else. She was hoping beyond hope that this pontificating speech of hers would be the thing that finally got through to me. She was doing this not for herself but for the next woman I ensnared. It was over between us.

She prayed that I could knock down the Hadrian’s Wall I had erected in my heart to keep the wild wide world out. But she was just helping me to build it up. Brick by brick.

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