The Cleansing Kiss of Fire

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, I adopted an orphan prompt, which challenged me to use the words burglar, envelope, forest and desk lamp. I decided to experiment, writing in the oft neglected second person, as suggested by Hugo House, who also suggested that brevity is the key to writing in the second person. Well, now I know the theory, not sure if the application turned out…oh and I also used prompts from 3wordwednesday: behave, jettison and mob, and the prompt joy from Sunday Scribblings. This intro is longer than the story…

Your heart skipped a beat, unsure as you were of how to behave, finding a deep, unbridled joy in watching him suffer. The mob had pillaged, abruptly, exploding in their revenge for his godlessness. A shattered desk lamp, jettisoned from a burglar’s grasp as you walked through the door. He sat, enveloped in the ruined forest that was his laboratory.

Tears welled in his eyes as he caught your gaze, the unasked and unanswerable question would never form on his lips, would never coming stumbling from his tongue. He had always been so nervous around you, though he had never suspected you, no-one ever did. Until it was too late.

The flames erupt as you touch your torch to the walls, “The Inquisition has passed judgement upon you.” He crumples into himself, weeping as you intone the Prayer for Cleansing.

“Protect us from the wickedness and snares of the Devil.”

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3 thoughts on “The Cleansing Kiss of Fire

  1. Andy says:

    WoW! A murderous piece of fiction!
    You did well to incorporate all the prompts.
    Nicely done!

    For ref:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  2. Nicely done! I loved this. Sinister and dark.

  3. Tara R. says:

    You did a nice job in second person. Very intriguing story.

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