A Quick Retort

Another 100 words for Mr. Wendig, this time in honour of Spirit Day, on the theme of Bullying. Thought I’d try to do something a bit different…



He came at the same time every night, more or less. He comes and stands outside, the hatred thickening his voice as he shouts abuse. “Leave us alone, we’ve never done anything to you!” My father pleads with him every night, begging him to go away, and to take his obscenities. “He doesn’t understand our language or our customs,” my father tries to explain his loathing, “and so he is afraid. The bully’s fear turns to anger.”

            “Stupid fuckin’ monkeys!” He pushes against the bars of our enclosure. He can’t understand my retort until my shit hits him. Monkey see…

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One thought on “A Quick Retort

  1. Robin Hawke says:

    “hatred thickening his voice” …perfect, Robin

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