Just a sample of “Voyage to Heaven’s Gate”

Just a small sample of the 2500 word science fiction story I’m working on. Nearlyfinished though, one more paragraph left. Then onto another 2500 words about…something I haven’t figured out yet.

The Eternal herself was to orbit the lunar surface, awaiting the contribution of its citizens: two dozen more colonists as well as an assortment of machinery. Pre-fabricated bio-domes, battle-hardened in the experiment that was the troublesome environment of the Moon and a supply of helium-3 were to be loaded aboard. Ever since the colony had gained political independence from the corpora-nations of its home planet in 2058 the idea of expansion into the solar system had truly gained momentum. First, to develop an agri-world on Mars, destined to become the Earth’s breadbasket. Of a methane-harvesting colony floating high above the Venusian surface, of strip-mining the asteroid belt, of settlements on the Jovian moons, refuelling stops before the eventual escape into the galaxy. The time had come for humanity to spread its wings and to reach out, first for the planets, and then for the stars.


And yes, this did come from near the middle…

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